Our Products

Our Products

Handcrafted in America 1905

Utilizing many of our company’s historic techniques and glass colors, our products offer something truly unique in the marketplace. Our exclusive hand decorating technique, using high-fired ceramic glazes, sets us apart from our competition.

Our team of artisans drive the creative process for Fenton Glass Jewelry. It is with their expertise and imagination that Fenton’s collections come to life. Today, our studio team is comprised of both veteran Fenton artists, as well as a new generation trained in the company’s glass making traditions.

Bead Care

Treat your glass beads with care, as you would any fine jewelry. To clean the glass, simply wipe the bead with a damp cloth. To polish the silver core, gently rub the side of the bead back and forth on a polishing cloth. Do not expose beads to acidic materials, such as lemon juice or vinegar, or any household cleaners. Never immerse your beads in a liquid jewelry cleaner and clean glass beads in a jewelry tumbler.

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